• Maya

    This is the twin sister of Stormzy so 10 months old. Very sweet. She was neutered and microchipped on 08/02/18.

  • Tiger

    Tiger is a male tabby cat, approximately 10 years old. He is neutered but not microchipped or up-to-date with vaccinations. Tiger is extremely affectionate and loves attention. Tiger would make the perfect pet for an older person/persons.

  • Pixie

    Pixie is an active playful 1 year old tabby. She is fully vaccinated neutered and microchipped. She likes to sit on your knee and be nearby but does not like to be picked up.

  • Stormzy

    Stormzy is a young black and white male. He is approximately 10 months old. He also has twin sister Maya. He has only just come in so he will be neutered and chipped as soon as possible. Stormzy is pleasant lively natured.

  • Izzy and Lola

    Izzy is 3 years old and has been neutered and chipped.She loves going outside and is very independent compared to Lola. She is wary of children. Izzy loves to snuggle up on the sofa but likes her space. Izzy took a while to adapt to Lola but they get on great now but not sure how well she would mix with other cats. She can be very affectionate.

About us

Feline Friends is a non profit charitable organisation established in 2006 dedicated to the rescue and adoption of unwanted cats and kittens.

Here are a few stories of animals we've helped in the past and which illustrate the work we do.

  • We have received an update from Cherry and Blossom who were rehomed in February 2016.
  • Wally is fully recovered from his eye surgery and is full of beans!
  • Another happy ending