Steve Holbrook


About Steve

Ex-hairdresser Steve Holbrook, regarded by many as one of the UK’s top Clairvoyant Mediums. His ability started from behind the salon chair, and he now visits Theatres and Hotels around the country, and as far as the Caribbean, demonstrating his unique ability to act as a telephone exchange between this world and the Spirit world.

Steve started work in Leeds city centre in a busy hairdressing salon, and feels that the years he spent behind the chair, having that personal contact with the customers, stimulated this rare, yet natural ability to hear the voices of spirits. He now gives messages of reassurance to people who have lost their loved ones, and by communicating with them, helps them understand that life continues, just simply in a different dimension.

One of Steves best friends is the multi-talented Jane MacDonald, singer and co-presenter on ITV’s Loose Women. Steve met Jane in a Spiritualist Church many years ago, and predicted she would be on BBC TV as part of a cruise entertainment documentary. She didn’t believe it, but the year after it came true, and she was the star of The Cruise, the first docu-soap, and she had the biggest selling debut album of all time. She has dedicated her auto-biography to Steve, calling him her inspiration and guru, and can’t thank him enough for being there when she needs guidance.

Steve has 3 books out, ‘Light in the Darkness’, ‘Out of this World’, and ‘Survival’, and these all offer a true insight into the day-to-day life of a working medium, Steves beliefs on many areas of Spiritualism, and a great background in to Steves life.

His charity work

Steve has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities over the years, £50,000 for his local hospice in Wakefield, £5,000 for MacMillan Support, and most recently his current total for PACT – a charity that helps terminally ill children and their parents across the country – is almost £21,000 (June 2015). He is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for this charity.

As our Patron

We're delighted to have Steve as a patron for Feline Friends.

Steves mum, Margaret, is a great Animal Rights campaigner, and it makes her blood boil every time she sees an injustice to any animal. Once, when they were in South Shields, they all happened upon the Feline Friends shop and Margaret just fell in love with it, and the concept behind the charity. Steve, being very supportive of his mum, agreed to become a patron and also help raise funds within the community. On his show that evening, he held a collection for us and over £100 was raised. Whenever he comes back to South Shields, he helps raise awareness and funds for us and of course for his other deserving charities.

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