About me

We've just had a new mum and kittens signed over to our care. These came from home where the mum unfortunately got out and has a result had a litter of 6 gorgeous kittens. Her current owner wanting to do the very best for her and the litter handed them to our care. Mum a lovely little tabby is pictured here with her kittens but needs to be neutered so isn't up for adoption just yet. Her kittens are a stunning batch of tabbies, a couple have a Bengal look about them. There is a very cute little long haired black one and a lovely calico. The kittens are around 10 weeks old and are getting lots cuddles and interaction with humans. We aren't sure of their sexes just yet.

Ideal home

These kittens should be ready to rehomed in a couple of weeks but can be viewed and reserved in advance of that.
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