Honey & Cookie

About me

Honey and Cookie urgently need a new home as their current owner is unable to keep them due a new baby in the household. Honey is a 10 year tortoiseshell female cat. She is an extremely independent and well opinionated cat! Cookie is 9 years old and is a tabby male. He has a brilliant, quirky personality - his current owner swears he was a dog in a former life! He will follow you around, take a stroll around the block with you and cry if you go too far without him. He has an eye condition for which eye drops are needed daily.

Ideal home

Honey is quite a nervous cat and responds best to a quiet and calm environment. She will go outside but does not venture far. Cookie loves a good snuggle. Could you give Honey and Cookie a loving home? If so, please contact us as soon as possible.
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